Welcome to Mass Hi-Tech Pvt. Ltd.

Mass-Tech Controls Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai, is a leading manufacturer/supplier of equipments required for total DC System including Batteries. At Mass Hi-Tech, we provides an array of Telecom and IT products and services ranging from Wireless products, Wire line Products, Power Supply and Telecom SMPS, 4G & FTTX Solutions. Read More . . .

Why Mass Hi-Tech ?

We provide complete A to Z solution to Telecom Sector and our product range varies from all types of Antennas & Accessories, RF Cables, Couplers, Splitters, Fibre Intrusion Proof System, optical Transport Network, Optical line Protection Switch and 4G & FTTx Solutions to name few.....
Our Company has experienced professional and Technicians in its rank with vast experience in Telecom and IT Industry. With huge potential in Telecom & IT industry, we feel that with our knowledge and extensive support systems, we have all the resources and expertise in place to cater and fulfil the growing needs of the Industry

Vision :
We don’t want to be the biggest, we want to be the market leader and the sest to be able to provide best technology and solutions to our customers , no matter how Big / Small with the best quality of products , services and exceed customer expectations

Values & Mission
We do everything right First Time and Every Time.
To become Market Leader in the Field of Telecom, IT and Infra Solutions.
We Value our Customer benefit and update Technology regularly.

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