Optical Line Protection Switch
OEO6500-OLP supports the customers to establish the high-reliability, flexible and disaster-resist optical transport network with rapid fault recovery.
OEO6500-OLP provides three types of protections via different service cards - line protection: 1:1 line protection, 1+1 line protection and BP bypass protection.
Product Specification
  • Switch the traffic in less than 20 milli seconds make no alarm in the Transmission equipments.
  • Sufficient time to send the Splicing crew for splicing.
  • Helps us to meet the SLA agreements signed with customers.
  • Fiber cut history will help us to increase customer list.
  • Continuous monitoring of Secondary media for fiber cut.
  • Same IP Address and Power Supply to manage all services cards.
  • Pizza Box – More services in box will free some old and traditional box.
  • Monthly performance report for higher authority.
  • Real time alarm details with time stamp.
  • Extend the capacity of the system by adding service cards without any additional cost.
  • EDFA Service cards will solve the issue of link budget in the network.
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