EDFA Cards
OEO6500‐EDFA is a kind of erbium‐doped optical fiber amplifier.

It can regenerate optical signals of multiple wavelengths without conversion.

from optical to electrical to optical, which prolongs the transmission distance.

Wavelength division multiplexing can be realized by using C/DWDM

multiplexer or de‐multiplexer, which specially applies to long‐haul

backbone network, metropolitan area network, access network as well as

various SDH/PDH transmission systems.
Product Specification
  • The gain can be adjusted if required;
  •  It is with high gain, low noise and good gain flatness;
  •  ACC, APC and AGC are optional;
  •  It supports amplification on the two stages, OADM or DCM modules can be accessed in the middle;
  •  It is with small‐size and modular design and supports hot swap;
  •  Parameters of graphical interfaces can be set and viewed.
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