Fiber Distribution Management System (FDMS)

Product Specification
  • This frame is made of top quality steel and deformed aluminum alloy and treated with galvanizing, oxidation and electrostatic plastic spraying. The frame has solid structure and pleasing appearance.
  • Fully-closed structure with the advantages of good performance of dust-proof, pleasing and neat appearance.
  • Enough space for fiber distribution and storage space and very easy for installation and operations.
  • Fully front side operation, convenient for maintenances.
  • Curvature radius of 40mm.
  • Cable inlet system is installed on the top of the frame which has excellent performances for fixing the cables.
  • Cables can be inlet either from the top or the bottom of the frame subject to different requirements.
  • This frame is suitable for both common bundle cables and ribbon type cables.
  • Reliable cable fixture cover and earth protection device provided.
  • Integrated splice and distribution unit is adopted. Each unit holds up to 12 FC adapters and up to 24 SC/LC adapters. All units have specially designed slots and can be easily pulled out for operation at any time.
  • Fiber separation hook of the splice and distribution module (the hook on the left) can be disassembled to fit for both wide and narrow structure frame.
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