Switch Mode Power Supply
Telecom power system uses 19"standard cabinet structure design, and can be directly installed in indoor and outdoor cabinet for use. When connected with the battery, it can provide an uninterrupted UPS power system. It meets the development trend of telecom base station, saves construction cost, shortens construction time, with wide working temperature range, and meets the demand of high level users.
Product Specification
  • AC input voltage range: 90VAC~305VAC;
  • Active power factor compensation, PF≥ 0.99;
  • Complete soft start technology;
  • Efficiency for normal module: 92%;
  • Efficiency for high efficient module: 95%;
  • Digital boost by software, boost tolerance≤ ±5%;
  • MTBF: 300,000hrs;
  • Perfect fault alarm and protection functions;
  • Working temperature: ‐40℃ ~75℃ ;
  • Accord with UL, CE standard requirements;
  • Advanced EMC design, low radiation, meet CE & FCC Class B requirements;
  • With hot‐swap technology, plug and play, replaceable easily;
  • Mandatory speed control cooling; high power density; small volume, low weight.

Product Specification
  • Nominal AC input:85Vac~300Vac;
  • Wide Working Temperature range:‐40 C~+85 C;
  • Active power factor correction:PF≥0.99;
  • Fan speed control design;
  • Output Power: 600 to 3000 Watts
  • Output terminal with hot plug connector.

Product Specification
  • DC input voltage range: 40VDC~60VDC
  • Complete soft start technology, module efficiency 90%
  • Perfect fault alarm and protection functions
  • Nominal output power : 600W
  • Working temperature: ‐40􀔨~+60􀔨
  • Excellent sinusoidal output
  • With hot‐swap technology, plug and play, replaceable easily
Mandatory speed control cooling; Small volume, low weight

Product Specification
  • Front panel LCD and buttons for on‐site service without PC.
  • RS‐485 or RS‐232 interface for PC connection locally or remote monitoring and control via modem.
  • 4 user programmable relay outputs for tradition remote monitoring
  • Battery monitoring and testing without site attendance
  • Password protected operator access levels
  • Alarm/event log with time and date
  • Windows‐based PC communication software
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