With the increasing demand for network, the operators’ demand for network development and coverage also increase. More and more outdoor base station building expands from limit network to urban area, road etc., the telecom pressure of some areas is relieved. In the meantime, the broadband speed‐up of wired network brings the expansion of access network, and large amount of building demand of outdoor stations. WG series small sized wall‐mounted power system is designed for outdoor low power telecom power supply market, which is a new generation “Green Energy‐Saving” power system.
Product Specification
  • AC input voltage range: 90VAC~305VAC;
  • Active power factor compensation, PF≥ 0.99;
  • Efficiency for normal module: 92%;
  • Efficiency for high efficient module: 95%;
  • AC harmonic current distortion≤5%;
  • Working temperature: ‐40℃ ~75℃ ;
  • Air cooling is used for the cabinet, the protection degree of shelf is IP45;
  • Accord with UL, CE standard requirements;
  • Advanced EMC design, low radiation, meet CE & FCC Class B requirements;
  • With high degree of protection and environmental adaptability, the cabinet is sunscreen, waterproof, dust‐proof, anti‐corrosion, rust‐proof, foreign objects preventive, wind‐proof, antitheft and etc.;
  • Reliable operation with full system status detection, control, alarm and protection functions, especially perfect surge protection;
  • All positive interface operation, plug and play, which makes the operation and maintenance more safe, convenient and fast;
  • Perfect battery management functions, has the temperature compensation, battery protection, charging current limit and battery capacity calculation functions;
  • CAN bus distributed digital control, intelligent internet monitoring design, providing a variety of communication interfaces such as RS‐232, RS‐485, TCP/IP telecom and dry contact alarm interface, flexible networking, remote monitoring, unattended.
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