Outdoor Cabinet
Complete outdoor solution with IP 55 complied. Outdoor cabinet will be designed / customized as per the requirement and equipment specifications used in the network. Compact power system solution to reduce the size of the outdoor cabinet to make the system Pole mount and wall mount.
Product Specification
  • Aluminum cabinet to reduce the weight of the outdoor cabinet.
  • High degree of protection, high environment adaptability, with functions of sunscreen, waterproof, dustproof, corrosion-proof, rust-proof, against foreign invasion, wind-proof and anti-theft, with clear and reasonable structure.
  • With anti-theft device, combined with embedded structure, highly prevent burglary.
  • Green & environment friendly. With excellent filtering and shielding process, super low electromagnetic radiation.
  • Perfect surge protection performance, the product reliability and adaptability is highly improved.
  • Configured with 19"standard power rack, the rectifier is hot swappable, complete frontal operation, making the operation and maintenance safer, quicker and more convenient.
  • Perfect battery management function. With functions of temperature compensation, battery protection, charging current limit and battery capacity estimation;
  • The degree of protection of the enclosures is IP55.
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